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To personalize your postcard, fill in the form to the right. When you're done filling in the blanks, press the preview your postcard button to see how it'll look!

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To personalize your postcard,
answer the questions below! 

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If you're in a hurry, you can
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because it will be sent automatically!

Why are our postcards free?

Because we want them to be!

We launched 1001 Postcards in April of 1998, two best friends wanting to offer a fun free service on the web. We decided at that point it would always be a free service -- and we've kept our promise.

Since then, we've taken on advertising to cover our costs (which they don't), and now we try to devote most of our non-existant free time to it. So please support the services advertised on this site, as they help us keep this service free!

Marty & Alice

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