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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
Alcohol Awareness Month
Amateur Radio Month
Autism Awareness Month
Cancer Control Month
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Customer Service Month
Frog Month
Guitar Month
Humor Month
Mathematics Education Month
Occupational Therapy Month
Parkinson's Awareness Month
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Month
Stress Awareness Month
Young Child Month

Week-Long Observances
Apr. 06-12. Library Week
Apr. 06-12. Week of the Ocean
Apr. 13-19. Dumb Week in Greece
Apr. 13-19. Garden Week
Apr. 13-19. Holy Week
Apr. 13-19. Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week
Apr. 14-21. Infant Immunization Week
Apr. 14-21. Jewish Heritage Week
Apr. 20-26. Karaoke Week
Apr. 20-26. Professional Secretaries Week
Apr. 20-26. Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week
Apr. 20-26. Sky Awareness Week
Apr. 21-27. Wildlife Week
Apr. 27-May 03. Volunteers Week
Apr. 20-May 20. Taurus
Apr. 01-May 04. Kite Month

Day-Long Observances
Apr. 01. April Fools Day
Apr. 01. Fun At Work Day
Apr. 01. Lupus Alert Day
Apr. 01. One Cent Day
Apr. 01. Saint Lasarus's Day in Bulgaria
Apr. 01. Nanavut Anniversary in Canada
Apr. 01. Islamic Republic Day in Iran
Apr. 02. Children's Book Day
Apr. 03. Find A Rainbow Day
Apr. 03. Mule Day
Apr. 03. Anniversary of the Second Republic in Guinea
Apr. 03. Nafels Pilgrimage in Switzerland
Apr. 04. Learn To Read A Road Map Day
Apr. 04. Independence Day in Senegal
Apr. 05. Equal Pay Day
Apr. 05. Qing Ming Festival in China
Apr. 05. National Tomb-Sweeping Day in Taiwan
Apr. 06. Check Your Batteries Day
Apr. 06. Daylight Saving Begins
Apr. 06. Care Sunday in England
Apr. 06. Chakri Memorial Day in Thailand
Apr. 07. Let Someone Else Clean Day
Apr. 07. Genocide Remembrance Day in Rwanda
Apr. 08. Hana Matsuri Flower Festival in Japan
Apr. 09. Former POW Recognition Day
Apr. 09. School Librarian Day
Apr. 09. Araw Ng Kagitingan in Philippines
Apr. 09. Martyrs Day in Tunisia
Apr. 10. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Day
Apr. 10. Salvation Army Founder's Day
Apr. 10. Siblings' Day
Apr. 10. Vote Lawyers Out of Office Day
Apr. 11. Barbershop Quartet Day
Apr. 11. Juan Santa Maria Day in Costa Rica
Apr. 11. Liberation Day in Uganda
Apr. 13. Palm Sunday
Apr. 13. Baisakhi in India
Apr. 13. Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka
Apr. 14. Moment Of Laughter Day
Apr. 14. Day of the Americas in Honduras
Apr. 15. Tax Time
Apr. 16. Remembrance Day
Apr. 16. Queen Margrethe's Birthday in Denmark
Apr. 17. Pesach or Passover
Apr. 17. Flag Day in in American Samoa
Apr. 17. Independence Day in Syrian Arab Republic
Apr. 18. Good Friday
Apr. 18. Constitution Day in Canada
Apr. 18. Good Friday Bank Holiday in United Kingdom
Apr. 18. Independence Day in Zimbabwe
Apr. 19. Husbands Day
Apr. 19. Civil War Anniversary in Nicaragua
Apr. 19. National Holiday in Sierra Leone
Apr. 19. King Mswati's Birthday in Swaziland
Apr. 19. National Holiday in Uruguay
Apr. 20. Easter Sunday
Apr. 20. Orthodox Palm Sunday
Apr. 21. Kindergarten Day
Apr. 21. Tiradentes in Brazil
Apr. 21. Kartini in Indonesia
Apr. 21. Birthday of Rome in Italy
Apr. 21. Emaishen in Luxembourg
Apr. 21. Family Day in South Africa
Apr. 21. Easter Monday Bank Holiday in United Kingdom
Apr. 22. Earth Day
Apr. 22. Jellybean Day
Apr. 22. Discovery of Brazil Day in Brazil
Apr. 23. Professional Secretaries Day
Apr. 23. Shakespeare's Birthday
Apr. 23. Children's Day in Turkey
Apr. 23. Sovereignty Day in Turkey
Apr. 24. Armenian Martyr's Day in Armenia
Apr. 24. First Day of Summer in Iceland
Apr. 25. Arbor Day
Apr. 25. Take Our Daughters To Work Day
Apr. 25. Anzac Day in Australia
Apr. 25. Sinai Day in Egypt
Apr. 25. Liberation Day in Italy
Apr. 25. Anzac Day in New Zealand
Apr. 25. Liberty Day in Portugal
Apr. 25. Anzac Day in Samoa
Apr. 25. National Flag Day in Swaziland
Apr. 25. Anzac Day in Tonga
Apr. 26. March of Dimes WalkAmerica
Apr. 26. Native American Day
Apr. 26. Union Day in Tanzania
Apr. 27. Day Care Providers Appreciation Day
Apr. 27. Orthodox Easter Sunday
Apr. 27. Independence Day in Sierra Leone
Apr. 27. Insurrection Day in Slovenia
Apr. 27. Freedom Day in South Africa
Apr. 27. Independence Day in Togo
Apr. 27. National Day in Yugoslavia
Apr. 28. Kiss-Your-Mate Day
Apr. 28. National Day of Mourning in Canada
Apr. 28. Sham El Nessim in Egypt
Apr. 29. Holocaust Day (Yom Hashoah)
Apr. 29. Holocaust Day (Yom Hashoah) in Israel
Apr. 29. Greenery Day in Japan
Apr. 29. Cheng Cheng Kung Landing Day in Taiwan
Apr. 30. Honesty Day
Apr. 30. Queen's Birthday in Netherlands
Apr. 30. Feast of Valborg in Sweden
Apr. 30. Liberation Day in Vietnam

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