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Back-To-School Month
Yes, August is that time -- when school shopping and the end of summer collide. Enjoy it -- someday you'll wish you had the time to go back to school!.

Month-Long Observances
Admit You're Happy Month
Artist Appreciation Month
Back-To-School Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Children's Vision and Learning Month
Data Entry Month
Golf Month
Hypnosis Awareness Month
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
Women's Small Business Month

Week-Long Observances
Aug. 01-07. Clown Week
Aug. 01-07. Simplify Your Life Week
Aug. 01-07. Romance Awareness Week
Aug. 01-07. World Breastfeeding Week
Aug. 04-08. Psychic Week
Aug. 09-17. Elvis Week
Aug. 10-16. Resurrect Romance Week
Aug. 10-16. Thanks For All The Gifts Week
Aug. 17-23. Friendship Week
Aug. 18-24. Aviation Week
Aug. 22-29. Smile Week
Aug. 23-Sep. 22. Virgo
Aug. 25-31. Be Kind To Humankind Week
Aug. 11-17. National Buckle Up Week
Aug. 19-25. Air Conditioning Awareness Days
Aug. 31-Sep. 06. Sobriety Checkpoint Week

Day-Long Observances
Aug. 01. Respect For Parents Day
Aug. 01. Sports Day
Aug. 01. Independence Day in Benin
Aug. 01. National Day in Jamaica
Aug. 01. National Day in Switzerland
Aug. 01. Emancipation Day in Trinidad and Tobago
Aug. 02. Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Aug. 02. Our Lady of the Angeles in Costa Rica
Aug. 02. National Day in Macedonia
Aug. 03. Friendship Day
Aug. 03. Mustard Day
Aug. 03. Sister's Day
Aug. 03. Colonization Martyr's Day in Guinea-Bissau
Aug. 03. Independence Day in Niger
Aug. 04. Gay Day
Aug. 04. American Family Day
Aug. 04. Coast Guard Day
Aug. 04. August Monday in Antigua and Barbuda
Aug. 04. Picnic Day in Australia
Aug. 04. Emancipation Day in Bahamas
Aug. 04. Revolution Day in Burkina Faso
Aug. 04. Civic Holiday in Canada
Aug. 04. Emancipation Day in Grenada
Aug. 04. Workers Day in Iceland
Aug. 04. Independence Day in Jamaica
Aug. 04. Summer Bank Holiday in Scotland
Aug. 04. Youth Day in Zambia
Aug. 05. Picnic Day
Aug. 05. Republic Day in Burkina Faso
Aug. 05. Homeland Thanksgiving Day in Croatia
Aug. 05. Bank Holiday in Ireland
Aug. 06. Wiggle Your Toes Day
Aug. 06. Fresh Breath Day
Aug. 06. Independence Day in Bolivia
Aug. 07. Sea Serpent Day
Aug. 07. Battle of Boyaca in Colombia
Aug. 07. National Day in Ivory Coast
Aug. 08. Admit You're Happy Day
Aug. 08. Prank Night
Aug. 08. Father's Day in Taiwan
Aug. 08. Farmers Day in Tanzania
Aug. 08. Odie's Birthday
Aug. 09. Sing-Out Day
Aug. 09. Moment Of Silence in Japan
Aug. 09. Independence Day in Singapore
Aug. 09. National Women's Day in South Africa
Aug. 10. Roller Coaster Day
Aug. 10. Independence Day in Ecuador
Aug. 11. Daughter's Day
Aug. 11. Independence Day in Chad
Aug. 11. Cheng Cheng Kung Birthday in Taiwan
Aug. 11. Heroes Day in Zimbabwe
Aug. 12. Middle Children's Day
Aug. 12. Fox Hill Day in Bahamas
Aug. 12. Birthday of the Queen in Thailand
Aug. 13. Friday the 13th
Aug. 13. Skeptic's Day
Aug. 13. Left-Handers Day
Aug. 13. Independence Day in Central African Republic
Aug. 13. Women's Day in Tunisia
Aug. 14. Financial Awareness Day
Aug. 14. Independence Day in Pakistan
Aug. 15. Relaxation Day
Aug. 15. Independence Day in Congo
Aug. 15. Constitution Day in Equatorial Guinea
Aug. 15. Independence Day in India
Aug. 15. National Day in Liechtenstein
Aug. 15. Panama City Foundation Day in Panama
Aug. 15. Liberation Day in South Korea
Aug. 16. Joke Day
Aug. 16. Homeless Animals Day
Aug. 16. Watermelon Day
Aug. 16. Restoration Day in Dominican Republic
Aug. 17. Exercise Bug Day
Aug. 17. National Holiday in Argentina
Aug. 17. National Day in Gabon
Aug. 17. Independence Day in Indonesia
Aug. 18. You're A Poet And Didn't Know It Day
Aug. 19. Aviation Day
Aug. 19. Penguin Awareness Day
Aug. 19. Independence Day in Afghanistan
Aug. 20. Radio Day
Aug. 20. St. Stephen's Day in Hungary
Aug. 20. National Day in Morocco
Aug. 21. Strange Music Day
Aug. 22. Be An Angel Day
Aug. 23. Make Your Own Luck Day
Aug. 24. Wedding of the Giants in Belgium
Aug. 24. Vesuvius Day in Italy
Aug. 24. National Flag Day in Liberia
Aug. 24. Independence Day in Ukraine
Aug. 25. Kiss-And-Make-Up Day
Aug. 25. Liberation Day in Hong Kong
Aug. 25. Summer Bank Holiday in United Kingdom
Aug. 25. Independence Day in Uruguay
Aug. 26. Women's Equality Day
Aug. 26. Heroes Day in Namibia
Aug. 27. Independence Day in Moldova
Aug. 28. Emancipation Dream Day
Aug. 29. National Day in Slovak Republic
Aug. 30. Toasted Marshmallow Day
Aug. 30. Saint Rose of Lima Day in Peru
Aug. 30. Victory Day in Turkey
Aug. 31. Constitution Day in Kazakhstan
Aug. 31. Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan
Aug. 31. Freedom Day in Malaysia
Aug. 31. National Language Day in Moldova
Aug. 31. Heroes Day in Philippines
Aug. 31. Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago

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