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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
American Heart Month
Black History Month
Boost Self-Esteem Month
Cherry Month
Children's Dental Health Month
Condom Month
Embroidery Month
Expect Success Month
Friendship Month
Get Inspired Month
Library Lovers' Month
Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
Snack Food Month
Weddings Month

Week-Long Observances
Feb. 01-07. Women's Heart Health Week
Feb. 01-07. Burn Awareness Week
Feb. 01-07. Children's Authors and Illustrators Week
Feb. 01-07. Shopping Week
Feb. 08-14. Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
Feb. 08-14. Love And Laughter Week
Feb. 09-15. Celebration of Love Week
Feb. 09-15. Flirting Week
Feb. 09-15. Sexual Responsibility Week
Feb. 10-16. Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week
Feb. 14-21. Condom Week
Feb. 15-21. Heart Failure Awareness Week
Feb. 16-22. Love Your Pet Week
Feb. 17-23. Hypertension Awareness Week
Feb. 22-28. Engineers Week
Feb. 22-28. Friendship Week
Feb. 22-28. Pancake Week
Feb. 22-29. Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Feb. 20-Mar. 20. Pisces

Day-Long Observances
Feb. 01. Freedom Day
Feb. 01. Super Bowl XXXVIII
Feb. 01. Women's Heart Health Day
Feb. 01. Eid Al Adha in Cyprus
Feb. 02. Candlemas Day
Feb. 02. Groundhog Day
Feb. 02. Imbolc
Feb. 02. Candlemas in Luxembourg
Feb. 02. Dia De La Candelaria in Mexico
Feb. 03. American Pie Day
Feb. 03. Dump Your "Significant Jerk" Day
Feb. 03. Setsubun in Japan
Feb. 03. Heroes' Day in Mozambique
Feb. 03. National Holiday in Vietnam
Feb. 04. Armed Struggle Day in Angola
Feb. 04. Independence Day in Sri Lanka
Feb. 05. Weatherperson's Day
Feb. 05. Lantern Festival in China
Feb. 05. Anniversary of the Constitution in Mexico
Feb. 05. Lantern Festival in Taiwan
Feb. 06. Compliment Day
Feb. 06. Waitangi Day in New Zealand
Feb. 07. Tu B'shvat
Feb. 07. Independence Day in Grenada
Feb. 08. Boy Scouts Of America Day
Feb. 08. Smiles Are Contagious Day
Feb. 08. Ha-Ri-Ku-Yo in Japan
Feb. 08. Culture Day in Slovenia
Feb. 09. St. Maron's Day
Feb. 11. Stay Single Day
Feb. 11. White Shirt Day
Feb. 11. Youth Day in Cameroon
Feb. 11. National Day in Iran
Feb. 11. National Foundation Day in Japan
Feb. 11. Independence Anniversary in Vatican City
Feb. 12. Darwin Day
Feb. 12. Lost Penny Day
Feb. 12. Union Day in Myanmar
Feb. 13. Friday the 13th
Feb. 13. Skeptic's Day
Feb. 13. I Value Our Friendship Day
Feb. 14. Ferris Wheel Day
Feb. 14. Love Sucks Day
Feb. 14. Valentine's Day
Feb. 15. The (Valentine) Weekend After
Feb. 15. Maple Leaf Flag Day in Canada
Feb. 16. Heart 2 Heart Day
Feb. 16. President's Day
Feb. 16. Independence Day in Lithuania
Feb. 17. Random Acts of Kindness Day
Feb. 18. World Thinking Day
Feb. 18. Independence Day in Gambia
Feb. 18. National Democracy Day in Nepal
Feb. 19. Copernicus Day
Feb. 20. Be Humble Day
Feb. 21. Mean Mommy Day
Feb. 21. Second Honeymoon Weekend
Feb. 21. Martyr's Day in Bangladesh
Feb. 21. Carnival in Brazil
Feb. 21. Carnival in Malta
Feb. 22. Teddy Bear Day
Feb. 22. Fasching Sunday in Austria
Feb. 22. Fasching Sunday in Germany
Feb. 22. Independence Day in St Lucia
Feb. 23. Carnival
Feb. 23. National Day in Brunei
Feb. 23. Green Monday in Cyprus
Feb. 23. Anniversary of Republic in Guyana
Feb. 23. Bun Day in Iceland
Feb. 23. Army and Navy Day in Russia
Feb. 23. Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago
Feb. 24. Calendar Day
Feb. 24. Mardi Gras
Feb. 24. Pancake Day
Feb. 24. Spay Day USA
Feb. 24. Independence Day in Estonia
Feb. 24. Bursting Day in Iceland
Feb. 24. Flag Day in Mexico
Feb. 25. Ash Wednesday
Feb. 25. Lent
Feb. 25. National Day in Kuwait
Feb. 27. Polar Bear Day
Feb. 27. Independence Day in Dominican Republic
Feb. 28. Floral Design Day
Feb. 28. Underlings Day
Feb. 29. Bachelors Day
Feb. 29. Leap Year Day
Feb. 29. Burgsonndeg in Luxembourg

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