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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
Barbecue Month
Better Hearing and Speech Month
Better Sleep Month
Bike Month
Breathe Easy Month
Business Image Improvement Month
Correct Posture Month
Dental Awareness Month
Digestive Diseases Awareness Month
Egg Month
Family Month (May 11-June 15)
Family Support Month
Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month
Get Caught Reading Month
Haitian Heritage Month
Hamburger Month
Hepatitis Awareness Month
High Blood Pressure Education Month
Law Enforcement Month
Mental Health Month
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month
Older Persons Month
Osteoporosis Prevention Month
Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Reading Month
Salsa Month
Senior Citizens Month
Sight-Saving Month
Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection Month
Strawberry Month
Stroke Awareness Month
Teaching And Joy Month
Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month
Women's Health Care Month

Week-Long Observances
May 01-07. Connecting Week
May 01-07. Get Happy Week
May 01-07. Peace Of Mind Week
May 04-10. Be Kind To Animals Week
May 04-10. Family Week
May 04-10. Flower Week
May 04-10. Pet Week
May 04-10. Postcard Week
May 04-10. Small Business Week
May 04-10. Suicide Awareness Week
May 04-10. Teacher Appreciation Week
May 05-11. Astronomy Week
May 05-11. Cartoon Art Appreciation Week
May 06-12. Nurses Week
May 10-18. Tourism Week
May 11-17. Alcohol and Other Drug-related Birth Defects Awareness Week
May 11-17. Nursing Home Week
May 11-17. Police Week
May 11-17. Running and Fitness Week
May 11-17. Transportation Week
May 11-17. Universal Family Week
May 12-18. Gamblers Week
May 12-18. Online Romance Week
May 12-18. Stuttering Awareness Week
May 12-19. Reading is Fun Week
May 16-26. Pickle Week
May 17-23. Safe Boating Week
May 18-24. New Friends, Old Friends Week
May 20-26. Educational Support Personnel Week
May 21-Jun. 20. Gemini

Day-Long Observances
May 01. Day Of Prayer
May 01. International Labor Day
May 01. Law Day
May 01. Lei Day
May 01. Martin Z. Mollusk Day
May 01. May Day
May 01. New Homeowner's Day
May 01. Rhino Day
May 01. School Principals' Day
May 01. Teen Day
May 01. Play of Saint Evermaar in Belgium
May 01. Constitution Day in Marshall Islands
May 01. Loyalty Day in USA
May 02. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Begins
May 02. Sibling Appreciation Day
May 03. Tax Freedom Day
May 03. Tulip Day
May 03. Constitution Day in Japan
May 03. Day of the Holy Cross in Mexico
May 03. Constitution Day in Poland
May 04. Kite Day
May 04. Scrapbooking Day
May 04. Relationship Renewal Day
May 04. Youth Day in China
May 04. Memorial Day in Curacao
May 05. Cartoonists Day
May 05. Cinco De Mayo
May 05. Half Way Point of Spring
May 05. Significant Other Day
May 05. Patriots Victory Day in Ethiopia
May 05. Children's Day in Japan
May 05. Battle of Puebla in Mexico
May 05. Liberation Day in Netherlands
May 05. Children's Day in South Korea
May 05. Coronation Day in Thailand
May 05. Bank Holiday in United Kingdom
May 06. Dieting Day Off
May 06. Don't Do Your Homework Day
May 06. Nurses Day
May 06. Teacher Day
May 06. Bank Holiday in Ireland
May 06. Yom Ha Zikkaron in Israel
May 07. Anxiety Disorders Screening Day
May 07. School Nurse Day
May 07. Day of the Soldier in El Salvador
May 07. Hamburg Harbor Birthday in Germany
May 07. Yom Ha Atzma'ut in Israel
May 08. Lost Socks Day
May 08. Stinky Feet Day
May 08. World Red Cross Day
May 08. Liberation Day in Czech Republic
May 08. Victory Day in France
May 08. Liberation Day in Slovakia
May 09. Vienna Festival in Austria
May 09. Victory Day in Russia
May 09. Day of Memory and Honor in Uzbekistan
May 10. Astronomy Day
May 10. Small Business Day
May 10. Windmill Day
May 10. National Holiday in Micronesia
May 10. National Windmill Day in Netherlands
May 10. Vesak Day in Singapore
May 11. Clergy Day
May 11. Birthmother's Day
May 11. Mother's Day
May 11. Cormorant Fishing Festival in Japan
May 12. Limerick Day
May 12. Pilgrimage to Fatima in Portugal
May 14. Receptionists Day
May 15. Lunar Eclipse
May 15. Peace Officer Memorial Day
May 15. San Isidro Day in Mexico
May 15. Independence Day in Paraguay
May 16. Be a Millionaire Day
May 16. Bike to Work Day
May 16. Common Prayer Day in Denmark
May 17. Armed Forces Day
May 17. Independence Day in Norway
May 18. Museum Day
May 18. Neighbor Day
May 18. Visit Your Relatives Day
May 18. Flag and University Day in Haiti
May 18. Revival and Unity Day in Turkmenistan
May 18. Battle of Las Piedras Day in Uruguay
May 19. Circus Day
May 19. Victoria Day
May 19. Victoria Day in Canada
May 19. Youth and Sports Day in Turkey
May 20. AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day
May 20. National Day in Cameroon
May 21. Employee Health and Fitness Day
May 21. Waitstaff Day
May 21. Battle of Iquique Day in Chile
May 22. Immigrants Day in Canada
May 22. National Heroes Day in Sri Lanka
May 22. National Day in Yemen
May 23. Turtle Day
May 23. National Day in Morocco
May 24. Brother's Day
May 24. Jazz Day
May 24. Commonwealth Day in Belize
May 24. Culture Day in Bulgaria
May 24. Battle of Pichincha in Ecuador
May 24. Independence Day in Eritrea
May 25. African Freedom Day
May 25. Ancestor Honor Day
May 25. Missing Children's Day
May 25. Revolution Day in Argentina
May 25. African Freedom Day in Chad
May 25. Independence Day in Jordan
May 25. African Freedom Day in Mauritania
May 25. African Freedom Day in Zambia
May 25. African Freedom Day in Zimbabwe
May 26. Memorial Day
May 26. Independence Restoration Day in Georgia
May 28. Spelling Bee Day
May 28. Day of the Republic in Azerbaijan
May 28. National Day in Ethiopia
May 29. Ascension Day
May 30. Hug Your Cat Day
May 30. Memorial Day (Traditional)
May 30. Statehood Day in Croatia
May 30. Yom Yerushalayim Day in Israel
May 30. Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago
May 31. Stop Smoking Day

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