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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast Month
Biscuit Month
Cable TV Month
Chicken Month
Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
Cholesterol Education Month
Classical Music Month
Courtesy Month
Fall Hat Month
Hispanic Heritage Month (09/15-10/15)
Honey Month
Little League Month
Mushroom Month
National 5-A-Day Month
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Pediculosis Prevention Month
Piano Month
Pleasure Your Mate Month
Read-A-New-Book Month
Rice Month
School Success Month
Self-Improvement Month
Sewing Month
Shameless Promotion Month
Sickle Cell Awareness Month
Square Dance Month
Subliminal Marketing Month
Youth Pastors Appreciation Month

Week-Long Observances
Sep. 01-07. Childhood Injury Prevention Week
Sep. 01-07. Full Employment Week
Sep. 07-13. Assisted Living Week
Sep. 08-12. Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week
Sep. 08-14. Back-To-School Week
Sep. 08-14. International Housekeepers Week
Sep. 14-20. Balance Awareness Week
Sep. 14-20. Child Care Week
Sep. 14-20. Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration Week
Sep. 15-21. Flower Week
Sep. 15-21. Prostate Cancer Awareness Week
Sep. 20-27. Banned Books Week
Sep. 20-28. Religious Freedom Week
Sep. 21-27. Deaf Awareness Week
Sep. 21-27. Dog Week
Sep. 21-27. Farm Animals Awareness Week
Sep. 21-27. Singles Week
Sep. 23-Oct. 22. Libra

Day-Long Observances
Sep. 01. Labor Day
Sep. 01. Revolution Day in Libya
Sep. 01. Constitution Day in Slovakia
Sep. 01. Independence Day in Uzbekistan
Sep. 01. Labour Day in Canada
Sep. 02. Independence Day in Vietnam
Sep. 03. Independence Day in Qatar
Sep. 03. Republic Day in San Marino
Sep. 04. Aunt's Day
Sep. 04. Newspaper Carrier Day
Sep. 04. Animal's Day in Curacao
Sep. 05. Be Late For Something Day
Sep. 06. Read A Book Day
Sep. 06. Unification Day in Bulgaria
Sep. 06. Defense of Pakistan Day in Pakistan
Sep. 06. Independence Day in Swaziland
Sep. 07. Independence Day in Brazil
Sep. 08. Grandparents Day
Sep. 08. International Literacy Day
Sep. 08. Pet Memorial Day
Sep. 08. National Holiday in Andorra
Sep. 08. Independence Day in Macedonia
Sep. 09. Teddy Bear Day
Sep. 09. Chrysanthemum Day in Japan
Sep. 09. National Day in North Korea
Sep. 09. Independence Day in Tajikistan
Sep. 10. Swap Ideas Day
Sep. 10. National Day in Belize
Sep. 11. 911 Day
Sep. 11. Make Your Bed Day
Sep. 11. Mid-Autumn Festival in China
Sep. 11. Ethiopian New Year in Ethiopia
Sep. 11. Founder's Death Anniversary in Pakistan
Sep. 11. Korean Thanksgiving Day in South Korea
Sep. 11. Moon Festival in Taiwan
Sep. 12. Chocolate Milkshake Day
Sep. 12. Video Games Day
Sep. 12. National Holiday in Guinea-Bissau
Sep. 13. International Cross-Cultural Day
Sep. 13. Peanut Day
Sep. 13. Positive Thinking Day
Sep. 14. Celebrate Pregnant Women Day
Sep. 14. Battle of San Jacinto Day in Nicaragua
Sep. 15. Hat Day
Sep. 15. Someday
Sep. 15. Independence Day in Costa Rica
Sep. 15. Independence Day in El Salvador
Sep. 15. Independence Day in Guatemala
Sep. 15. Independence Day in Honduras
Sep. 15. Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
Sep. 15. Independence Day in Nicaragua
Sep. 15. Battle of Britain Day in United Kingdom
Sep. 16. Collect Rocks Day
Sep. 16. Preserve Ozone Layer Day
Sep. 16. Working Parents day
Sep. 16. International Day of Peace
Sep. 16. Independence Day in Mexico
Sep. 16. Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
Sep. 17. Citizenship Day (US)
Sep. 17. Constitution Day (US)
Sep. 17. National Heroes Day in Angola
Sep. 18. Independence Day in Chile
Sep. 19. POW/MIA Recognition Day
Sep. 19. Vision Rehabilitation Day
Sep. 20. Student Day
Sep. 21. Gratitude day
Sep. 21. Miniature Golf Day
Sep. 21. Day Of Prayer
Sep. 21. Women's Friendship day
Sep. 21. Independence Day in Armenia
Sep. 21. Independence Day in Belize
Sep. 21. Independence Day in Malta
Sep. 22. American Business Women's Day
Sep. 22. Centenarians Day
Sep. 22. Diary Day
Sep. 22. Elephant Appreciation Day
Sep. 22. Hobbit Day
Sep. 22. Ice Cream Cone Day
Sep. 22. Independence Day in Mali
Sep. 23. Autumn
Sep. 23. Proposal Day
Sep. 23. Autumn Equinox Day in Japan
Sep. 23. Kingdom Unification Day in Saudi Arabia
Sep. 24. Food Service Employees Day
Sep. 24. Constitutional Declaration Day in Cambodia
Sep. 24. Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
Sep. 24. Armed Forces Day in Mozambique
Sep. 24. Heritage Day in South Africa
Sep. 25. One-Hit Wonder Day
Sep. 25. Republic Day in Rwanda
Sep. 26. Goose Day
Sep. 27. Ancestor Appreciation Day
Sep. 27. Kids Day
Sep. 27. Rosh Hashanah
Sep. 27. True Cross Day in Ethiopia
Sep. 28. Good Neighbor Day
Sep. 28. Hunting and Fishing Day
Sep. 28. Confucius' Day in Taiwan
Sep. 29. Pancake Day
Sep. 29. Pumpkin Day
Sep. 29. Battle of Boqueron in Paraguay
Sep. 30. Independence Day in Botswana

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