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How Do Your Postcards Work?

1. What is a virtual postcard?
2. How do virtual postcards work?
3. How do I send a postcard to someone?
4. How do I pickup a postcard sent to me?

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What is a virtual postcard?

It's a greeting you send via the internet, much like you'd mail a paper greeting card through the postal service. Our postcards (we have thousands of them) include photographs, graphics and animations, and usually include music too. And our virtual postcards are free, which is better than just about anything you can get at the drug store.

All you need to send and receive virtual postcards is an email address.

And did I mention all of our postcards are FREE?

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How do virtual postcards work?

Here's the simple explanation:

  1. You pick a postcard to send. (We've got thousands)

  2. You personalize it, and send it.

  3. We email the recipient, telling them they've been sent a postcard, and how to pick it up.

  4. They either click on the direct-postcard-pickup link in their email, or enter their pickup code (also in the email) on our homepage.

  5. We show them the postcard.
That's pretty much it. There's a lot of technical stuff done in the background that I won't go into, but that's the idea.

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How do I send a postcard to someone?
  1. Surf around our site, and pick the postcard you'd like to send. (Just click on the small version of any card, and you'll see it enlarged.)

  2. Once you find a card you like, press the 'send this postcard' button, located underneath the enlarged version. This will send you to the personalization form.

  3. Fill in the blanks of the personalization form. This includes things like the name and email address of yourself and the recipient, your choice of music, and a few other things. Then press the 'preview your postcard' button. This will show you what the card will look like.

  4. Take a good look at the card -- is everything correct, like email addresses, spelling, and the music? If not, press the 'make changes' button to go back to the customization form. If everything's perfect, press the 'send it!' button, and you're done!
And we do the rest!

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How do I pickup a postcard sent to me?

There's two ways, both pretty easy.

When someone sends you a postcard, you'll be notified by email.

1. Click on the link in your email.

Look for this part of your notification message:

You can pick up your postcard at the following web address:

If the second line is a link (usually blue and/or underlined), click on it. It'll take you right to your postcard.

2. Enter your pickup code on our homepage.

If you can't click on the pickup link, then you need your pickup code. Look for this section of your notification email:

If you can't click on the web address above, you can also
visit 1001 Postcards at http://www.postcards.org/postcards/
and enter your pickup code, which is: your-pickup-code

Cut-and-paste (or scribble down on a piece of paper) your pickup code (it'll appear where it says your-pickup-code in the example above).

Now visit our homepage at www.postcards.org. Enter your pickup code into the box beneath our logo, on the left-hand side, marked "Postcard Pickup", and press the 'get it!' button to see your postcard.

That's it! If you have any problems, email us at postoffice@postcards.org.


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